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An Unexpected Seduction


Releasing September

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The explosive Saving Series comes together in one massive bundle: Corporate Affairs!

Saving The Job: Part One

Disgruntled wife Karen is at her wits’ end. Her husband John is about to lose his job thanks to his lazy attitude, and she’s not about to support the entire family on her own. Then she remembers that his boss Bill flirted with her at the company party. Maybe there is a way to get what her family needs after all, and enjoy herself in the process.

Saving The Company: Part Two

Karen discovers that her new corporate skills can translate into something even more valuable. When Bill proposes that she take on a new role in order to help with a company merger, what she’s asked to do will stretch the limits of her corporate (and sexual) knowledge.

Saving Her Position: Part Three

When a simple company merger goes sideways, Karen tries to apply her knowledge again, but this time there is a hitch: the person in question is a woman. And when the tables are turned on her, she finds out that the devious head of the other company has an entirely different role in mind for her to play.

Over 35,000 words of erotica from the Queen of Sex, Vickie Vaughan! These stories contain explicit descriptions of menage and interracial sex and should not be read by anyone under 18.


Abby is in a magical place. About to be married to her perfect man, under the tropical sun with their family and two best friends surrounding them. It is her ultimate romantic fantasy. 

When her fiance Mark sets up the best man with her maid of honor, Abby witnesses the explosive results live in person. And it brings out something in Mark she never knew. 

Then she finds out Mark's plan to introduce something even more explosive before they walk down the aisle. Is it possible to commit yourself to the rest of your life with one man after having so much fun with other people? 

Another steamy erotic tale by Vickie Vaughan! This story contains graphic scenes of explicit menage sexual activity and should not be read by anyone under 18.

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