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Released In May!

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College should be a place to focus, right? Academics. Not dating around and distracting myself. Damn my best friend. She convinced me to purchase a ticket for a chance to go away with the one guy on campus I’m interested in, even though he doesn’t know who I am.

Even that didn’t work out the way I planned, and neither did showing up at a cabin with three men. Just me alone with three guys, who any girl on campus would jump at the chance to spend a night with. And I have two. Maybe it’s time to explore something I’ve never considered before. With the right opportunity, this could be a weekend to remember.

After all, I’m the big winner, right? And to the winner goes the spoils.

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Get ready for an explosion of sexual delights!

Women in Charge means that in every delicious encounter, the women are calling the shots. From a wife who decides to enjoy some fun at her husband’s expense – while he’s tied up – to a boyfriend and girlfriend bet that goes way too far, every tale will give you a new perspective on sexual freedom. But this time, it’s the ladies who take charge to get what they crave.

Don’t be afraid to dive in and enjoy situations you’ll have to read to believe! Vickie Vaughan is one of the mistresses of erotica, and now she’s compiled a few of her favourite stories to share with her readers. Seven erotic shorts will keep you turning the pages.

This compilation contains scenes with BDSM, interracial sex, menage sex and should not be read by anyone under the age of 18.

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